Thursday, May 14, 2009

My darling girl

She's sick but still sweet as ever. All she wanted to do was cuddle and love on her mommy when I got home from work today. We watched a movie together that I borrowed from a girl at work and she loved it. It was funny the main character was named Tristen. Sweetpea kept pointing out that it's a girls name. LOL ... wait till she finds out what I have already realized ALOT of boys now have my name.


I made these great Silohouettes of the girls yesterday. I love how they turned out. I wasn't sure I could cut that much detail but I did it !! They look great in the hallway. The light pink paper in the background is rose print. I really love how they turned out.

My new collection ?

Well, I have something in mind. I need to find, collect or get a few skeleton keys.
I love how they all look different, but still so the same. Hopefully I can find a few !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just a few of the reasons I love my Husband

He Does Laundry

He cooks AND cleans

~ He LOVES Disneyland !! ~

He likes to Vaccum

He LOVES his girls ( me included)

and he is always my spell checker !! LOL ....

xoxox luv ya Honey !

Monday, May 11, 2009

for me !!

I have always loved angel pictures and statues but, Since losing my son Joseph 7 years ago it was hard to see them. I know what a true angel is now. I saw this yesterday at Home goods and just could not pass it up. Something about his sweet face drew me right too him. I love the fact that his wings frame him in a heart shape. Just another sign from my sweet boy.

My Mother's day surprise !

I slept in late, Honey made me waffles, with fresh strawberries and black berries topped with whipped cream. YUM !! Sweetpea wrote me a song that went kinda like this ...... It's mother's day and your the best mommy. I love you and your pretty. ooh ohh yeah. For mother's day I wrote this song. Then lots of oh's and la la's to finish it off. It was darling !! Sunshine said "happy mudder's day mama, yeah !" she was very proud that she followed through with the line daddy practiced with her. I recieved a beautiful vase, with a few shells and a star fish with some sea glass in it too. Sweetpea also made a cute block of wood frame with her kindergarten picture on it.

I would love to live in a beach cottage.

We are deciding how to redecorate things. I told Honey I would love to have a beach cottage look. I am really into the whole sabby chic thing too.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweetpea's birthday, what to do.

We still have nearly 2 months to go until Sweetpea turns 6, but we got her gift already.
This shabby chic vanity from target will be just great for her. I can't wait to see her face. So what's the problem you ask ? Her new bedroom set to totally white, and this is off white. I would love to distress it a little more and add pink. Or maybe just add some pink dry brush to make the off white color not so noticable. I just don't want to paint the whole thing a flat pink. Any tips ?
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