Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sammi is fitting in nicely !!

 Here's our Sammi Girl ...


Lots happening ... or Happened

 I have had a great couple weeks. I won some tickets (yes again) to Aria Hotel & casino, a nights stay, VIP passes to the night club and a meet & greet with kimberly Caldwell. She is sweet as can be and her new song is AWESOME !!

 WE turned it into my birthday party and had such a great time celebrating with lots of friends and my honey. The girls had a sleep over with Nana and of course were spoiled rotten.. lol ... They LOVE the sleepover nights.

Counting the days until our disneyland trip now and can't wait to post those pics in just a month !!

  Yes ~ I up held my pink name ... lol

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