Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet pea

Sweet pea is 7 !!  No, I can still not believe it. She turned 7 yesterday and instead of a birthday party we decide to take a trip. She picked sea world California. She has said since nearly 4 that she would love to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up. I wonder if she will stick with it.

 she so did not want to take a picture with the "dressed up pretend Shamu" lol ...she is growing up so fast
but to please mommy she posed for 2 !

The girls
Sunshine was still a little on the shy side in the morning, but sure warmed upt ot be herself after a few hours.
Look at me breakiung the rules !! LOL....
The girls played the water race game and were so excited to win these GIANT dolphins.. lol Honey was NOT so excited to carry them around all day.
Honey & Emma went climbing a few thousand times, I tried one time and had a 3 year old (yes sunshine ) screaming in my face about being scared, some boy step on my arm, my shoes fell off 3 times.. lol and well needless to say did NOT go back..
Birthday cupcake

a couple cute penguins we ran into

Sunshine enjoying the nice California weather.. just 69 degree.... when we left Vgeas it was over 110 !!


Not complete but getting close

 to say I have been working on this project for a looong time would be a understatement. This is the $60 china cabinet I got just after mother's day last year. It was posted as great condition... lol (really?? compaired to what ?) so I decided to get it anyway....knowing it would be refinished and I am loving how beachy it looks. So still nto done, got some wax to add, wainscotting for the back, new knobs and rose details to the front. We decided to take off the doors and get more of an open look. Honey was great with his help I could not have done this. well, here's some pics of the progress so far... what do you think ??


Sunday, June 6, 2010

110 degrees

 The hot days of summer are here. This really makes me want to move to Portland even more !!

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