Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweetpea's wedding ??

 I know your thinking but she's only 6 !! LOL ... well, she has plans in place already. Yesterday she was telling me all about the cakes she is planning for her wedding. BTW ~ I guess she plans on getting married right when she turns 24. She said, there are some funny boys in my class but I haven't made up my mind which one mom. So we had watched alot of cake boss on TLC while staying at the holiday inn last week. Sweetpea said " I want a wedding cake that's a whole me and the wedding guy (aka hubby) will have a cake that's a guy just like him. then we will make teeny little wedding cakes that are doubled (tiered) for all our visitors." "Then he can eat all of him own self & and I can eat all of my own self as a cake"  LOL ...... I tried to tell Honey this story but he couldn't get past that fact she was planning a wedding & wanted to know WHO these boys in her class were... LOL

 ~ Pink

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