Monday, December 21, 2009

My first award !!

I'm so excited. Thank you so much to my friend at "like my baby" She received this award yesterday and shared it with me. I will also share this award with 3 of my followers who can just grab the button and add 5 things to there blog that they love to do too!

1. Shop at home goods. Just walk around with or without the girls and check out all the tea pots. The beautiful bedding and even the cooking supplies dreaming that I was a great cook.
2. Read a book. A good story I can just melt away in.
3. Talk ! LOL ... ANYONE who knows me knows that I am infact a chatter box. I swear I can go on and on and on. Yes, I do wish that little voice in my head saying "ok that's enough information, just let them process" would take over and I could actually stop. LOL ..
4. Sleep. I could sleep for days, but I like to go to bed late and sleep in long. The girls have really broke me of this but I have a great Honey who let's me do this from time to time with no disruptions.
5. Paint, Sew, Scrapbook or Draw. I guess this could be considered one thing since it's all crafting really.  Now, I can't wait to share this with 5 friends on my own. So keep any eye out to see if it's you !
~ Pink

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  1. Congratulations on your Circle of Friends award! It's lovely and so are you! Thanks so much for sharing this with me...I am HONORED to be among your Circle of Friends! Blessings & Hugs, Coralie


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