Saturday, August 7, 2010

This cake is spicy !

 We went to a birthday party for a dear friend's cute little 3 year old boy. The girls had a blast ! They are still talking about it today. I have a few funny's my girls made to share with you. You see the cute little guys Dad was there and though they know his mom and see her alot this was the first time to see his Dad. He is very tall. Sweetpea saw him and said  "WHOA, he is as tall as 2 Daddy's"

Sunshine was just starting to enjoy her cake while I turned my back for a second to get us drink refills. When I came back she said, "mama, I need some more cake, this cake is spicy" .. I laughed and said.. "it's cake, cake is not spicy. " She told me "WELL, i put this candy on it, (holding up a small jar of pepper flakes for the pizza) and it's way to spicy on my cake." .. lol She had an entire mouth full !!



  1. Oh no!! I bet it was SPICY!
    I hope she got more cake!


  2. lol.. yes ! I Instanley handed over my uneatten piece !


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